Anexo a Carta para Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus: Espectacular Cancionero Epistolar.

Elvis Costello Rey de América“Why?” – “Who do you think you are?” – King of America (LP) (extracto de “Brilliant mistake”) – “This is hell” – “The other side of summer” – “Impatience” – “Tears at the birthday party” – “Pretty words” – “So like Candy” – Blue (LP) – “Almost Blue” – “National ramson” – “High fidelity” – “Opportunity” – “Temptation” – “Veronica” – Alison – “Tears, tears and more tears” – “Blame it on Cain” – Poor fractured Atlas” – “There’s a story in your voice” – “From a whisper to a scream” – “Monkey to man” – “Playboy to a man”

“Can you be true?”

“I’m not angry” – “(I don’t want to go to) Chelsea” – The only flame in town – “TheElvis Costello Rey de los Ermitaños name of this thing is not love” – “I want you” – “My science fiction twin” – “When I was cruel (nº 2)” – “Less than zero” – “Alibi” – For the stars (LP) y “For the stars” – All this useless beauty (LP) y “All the useless beauty” – “Favourite hour” (extracto) y Brutal youth (LP) – “I almost had a weakness” – “Human touch” – “Favourite hour” – “In the darkest place” – “This house is empty now” – “I want to vanish” – “After the fall” – “God give me strength” – “Someone took the words away” – “Still too soon to know” – “When did I stop dreaming” – “The other side of the telescope” – “Man out of time” – “No hiding place” – Goodbye cruel world (LP) – “Shot with his own gun” – “Brilliant mistake” – “Beyond belief” – “Town cryer” – “The Imposter” – Spike (LP) – “Poor napoleon” – Napoleon Dynamite (alias) – My aim is true (LP) y extracto en “Alison” – “Uncomplicated” – Mighty like a rose (LP) – Get happy!! (LP) – “This ofer is unrepeatable” – “Punch the clock (LP) y extracto en “The greatest thing” – “…This town…” – The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook (LP)

(Ver Carta para Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus)


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